Chemical Biology


Laboratory of Biomolecular Engineering and Nanomedicine (LIBN)
Prof. Angela STEINAUER


Laboratory of Electrophiles And Genome Operation (LEAGO)
Prof. Yimon AYE
Home of REX technologies: T-REX™ delivery and G-REX™ profiling, Electrophile signaling and stress response, Nucleotide signaling and genome maintenance, Novel chemical probe engineering and Drug discovery.

Laboratory of Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry (LCOM),
Prof. Paul J. DYSON
Biphasic catalysis in water and ionic liquids. Design of ruthenium anticancer compounds. Transition metal clusters in novel synthesis and catalysis.

Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry of Macromolecules (LCBM),
Prof. Beat FIERZ
Investigation of the structure, dynamics and function of chromatin in vitro and in vivo. Development of spectroscopic methods to investigate the dynamics of large macromolecular assemblies. Biophysical chemistry of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. Synthetic protein chemistry and protein engineering.

Group for Functionalized Biomaterials (GBF)
Prof. Sandrine GERBER
Organic synthesis, Targeting ligands for cancer cell biomarkers, Chemical functionalization of bioceramics, Coating and post-functionalization of metal oxide imaging nanoparticles, Polymer modification and characterization, Hydrogel microspheres for cell immobilization.

Laboratory of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides (LPPT)
Prof. Christian HEINIS
Generation of new molecule designs for the use in therapy. Testing the therapeutic potential of the newly developed chemical structures.

Laboratory of Stem Cell Bioengineering (LSCB)
Prof. Matthias LUTOLF
Our work is at the interface of stem cell biology, soft matter engineering and micro-engineering to elucidate how stem cells take decisions and how their decision-making process is influenced by signals from the microenvironment.