VOGEL Pierre, Hon. Prof. – Research

Research Topics

  • Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products and Analogs of Biological Interest (anti-cancer, antiviral agents, antibiotics)
  • Glycomimetics as New Tools for Biology and Medicine (glycomics, cell/cell communication, cell/pathogen communication: glycosidase and glycosyltransferase inhibitors, non-hydrolysable sugar epitopes, artificial vaccines)
  • New Scaffolds for Biomolecules, for New Materials (polyfunctional systems for combinatorial chemistry, multicomponent synthesis)
  • New Organic Chemistry of Sulfur Dioxide (new C-C bond forming reactions, synthesis of polyketides and polypropionates, new reagents, new organic catalysts for hole-catalysed reactions).

Total Syntheses


Actual targets: Spongistatins (anti-cancer), Aptotolidin (anti-cancer), Oxopolyene RK-397 (antibiotic), Ryfamycins (antibiotics, antifungal), Erythronolides (antibiotics)
(Collaboration: Dr. S. Gerber-Lemaire, LGSA, ISIC, EPFL)



(collaboration: Dr. L. Juillerat, CHUV, Prof. I. Robina, Univ. Seville, Spain)
Actual targets: Better glycosidase and glycosyltransferase inhibitors, C-linked disaccharides analogs of T epitope (anti-cancer vaccine), new HIV-entry inhibitors. C-Glycosidation of nanoparticles (collaboration: Prof. H. Hofmann, LTP, EPFL).

New Scaffolds


(collaboration: Prof. I. Robina, Univ. Seville, Spain)

New organic Reactions


(Theory of the new reactions: collaboration with Prof. J. A. Sordo, Univ. Oviedo, Spain)