XRD Useful links


SGK-SSCR, Swiss Society for Crystallography

IUCr, Internation Union of Crystallography (journals, education, checkcif, CIF dictionaries,..)

ECA, European Crystallographic Association


SNBL, Swiss-Norwegian Beamlines of ESRF (XRD, EXAFS)

SLS, Swiss Light Source and SINQ, Swiss Spallation Neutron Source of PSI

CIME, Electron Microscopy and Diffraction, EPFL

Materials Characterization Platform, IPHYS EPFL

Schools and Conferences

Powder Diffraction School PSI (2020)

JANA ad hoc workshops, diverse advanced topics, also upon request

Zürich School of Crystallography

Herkules, Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation for Science