Storage of documents

Lists of official VPSI solutions to store administrative documents (as Word, .pdf, …).

For storage of a different nature, the object storage service (S3) can be a solution.


SharePoint Online

This service is hosted in Switzerland by Microsoft. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. You must be accredited at EPFL to access it. It is mainly intended for teams, EPFL units or projects to manage administrative documents. This is the only solution proposed that allows confidential documents to be stored without any risk of breach of professional secrecy. You just need a web browser, like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Google Workspace (GSuite) for education

This service is hosted by Google, you need an EPFL email address to access it. This solution offers a personal (my drive) or team (Team drive) space to manage scientific or other documents. A per-user storage quota will be introduced sometime in 2022, following Google’s announcement that it will end its no-limit and free offer for Education.


This service is hosted by SWITCH (in Switzerland), you must have a Switch edu-ID account to access it. This solution offers a personal space. Starting 01.01.2019, this solution will allow confidential documents to be stored.



Based on the VPSI file storage service using the CIFS protocol, this option is available by enabling WebDAV access. This solution allows the storage of confidential documents, as they are hosted on the EPFL site. Please note that myNAS has also a webdav access for personal usage.


Only for documents that are used by WordPress and for public access.

WordPress Inside

Only for Intranet documents that are used by WordPress and for restricted access.

Which solution to choose based on the documents confidentiality ?

  • All documents are non confidential
    • personal use (for professionnal use) : GSuite
    • collaborative use (with a team): GSuite
  • Some documents are confidential
    • personal use (for professionnal use): SharePoint, SWITCHDrive, MyNAS
    • collaborative use (with a team): SharePoint, NAS WebDAV, INSIDE WordPress

Documents with WordPress:

Attention, in WordPress all documents are public. Please use WordPress Inside for confidential documents (Intranet).

Comparison of the different solutions

Functionalities GSuite SharePoint SWITCHDrive NAS WebDAV NAS CIFS/NFS INSIDE WordPress
Storage of confidential documents no yes yes yes, but open to DIODE yes yes
Group space TeamDrive Site no yes yes yes
Quota no (2021) yes (2022) no 50Gb configurable configurable no
Size limitation (by file) no 200 Mb no no no no
Deleted file retention (in day) 25 ( manual recycling) 30 (automatic recycle) 90 (automatic recycle ) configurable configurable no
Search function yes yes yes no OS indexer no
Each document has a URL yes yes yes yes no yes
Notification of actions yes yes yes no no no
Version Management yes yes no no no no
API available API GSuite API Sharepoint API WebDAV API WebDAV no no
Native Client Google File Stream (Mac et Winodws), other clients available Folder mount on Windows only SWITCHDrive for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android Native WebDAV client no no
Web Client yes yes yes read only no yes
Permission management yes yes yes based on NAS volume permission based on CIFS permission yes (group)
Access to a guest guest must hage a Google account guest must be accredited as Hors-EPFL2ab guest must have a SWITCHDrive account guest must be accredited as Hors-EPFL2b guest must be accredited as Hors-EPFL2ab guest must be accredited as Hors-EPFL
Student access yes no yes yes yes yes
Access to a group yes yes no yes yes yes
Limited access to EPFL yes yes no yes yes yes
Public access by sharing a secret invitation yes no1 yes no no no
Everybody access yes no1 yes yes yes no
Dropbox folder (write only) no no yes possible yes no

Can be bypassed by publishing the accessed document on GSuite or SWITCHDrive. Be careful not to disclose confidential documents in this way

2 Need also (a) intranet right access and (b) AD property. See for details about Hors-EPFL status.

3 Although SWITCHDrive complies with Swiss law, it explicitly prohibits the storage of confidential documents in its service description.

Need some javascript with a forms to allows upload from your web site.