SWITCHaai to SWITCH edu-ID Migration

Migration will take place on April 16 before 8 a.m.

EPFL is a member of the SWITCHaai Federation, which brings together most of Switzerland’s universities, universities of applied sciences, university hospitals, libraries and so on.

The AAI’s aim is to unify access to the Federation’s various shared web resources. Services often accessed from EPFL include mediaspace.epfl.ch, tube.switch.ch, moodle.unil.ch, cdl.unil.ch, swissmooc.ch, courseware.epfl.ch, bib-ezproxy.epfl.ch, filesender.switch.ch, c4science.ch, orcid.org, etc., as well as CLOUD services for scientific journals and mathematical tools.

The basis for this login was originally a decentralized authentication infrastructure, SWITCHaai, maintained by the various members of the Federation. SWITCH then introduced a new digital identity, SWITCH edu-ID, which is gradually replacing SWITCHaai.

EPFL will stop operating its own login service (idp.epfl.ch) and migrate it to SWITCH edu-ID.

The only consequence of this change is that it will be necessary to connect to a Federation web resource using a SWITCH edu-ID account, linked to the EPFL account.

So instead of seeing the SWITCHaai login

the person will see the SWITCH edu-ID login

and need edu-ID account, linked to EPFL, see how to create a SWITCH edu-ID account or link it to the EPFL account.