Update contact information

Display your different positions (or accreditations)

It is very likely that a person may be affiliated to several units (labs…) at EPFL. By default, all your accreditations are displayed on the right side of your picture. On your people page, it is possible to

  • hide certain positions (via the ‘on/off’ button)
    Visibilité d'une information sur people
  • decide their order with the up/down arrow.
    Icône ordonner les contacts people
  • modify the content (position, postal address, telephone, unit)
    Editer un élément sur people

Update contact information

The contact data are not specific to your people page, but are taken from the official EPFL directory via what has been determined by your various accreditors.
That is why any modification of these data is transmitted to the concerned accreditor and subject to validation.
This process ensures consistency across the different databases.

Although customizable, a page is under the responsibility of he/she who commits to making the main contact information (phone number) available.



Your position has been chosen by your accreditor from the list of customary positions at EPFL. By clicking on the ‘edit’ icon Editer un élément sur people you can make a change request to your accreditator, who will have to validate it.

A person’s mailing address is linked to their telephone number. If no address is available (the person does not have a telephone), then the administrative address of the department (or lab) in which they work is displayed (main accreditation).
To modify your postal address, click on the edit icon Editer un élément sur people, and the request will be sent to the accreditation officer for validation.

If you have several phone numbers, the one displayed under your photo always corresponds to the one of your first affiliation (your first position at the top of your page). By sorting your positions, you decide which is your main number.

If you feel threatened, you can hide the location of your office.
However, be careful:

  • it would no longer be possible to locate you via the applications plan.epfl.ch, search.epfl.ch and pocket campus.
  • your postal address will be incomplete (delivery).

To hide an office, click on the on/off icon next to the room.