Add CV (biography, mission, current work, formation, awards)

In this block, you can complete a series of paragraphs proposed by default on all profiles. 

  • These elements may or may not be visible.
    Visibilité d'une information sur people Elément visible et en ligne sur people
  • You can also add items with the content and title of your choice.
  • Don’t forget to save each modification.

Within the ‘Biography’ block, you can complete, display and sort the following paragraphs:

  • Mission
  • Current Work
  • Biography

Some elements have predefined fields, in order to retrieve structured data:

  • Education
    (Sortable) list of titles received with the title received, description, institution that granted it, date, etc.
  • Professional path
    (Sortable) list of positions with title, description, employer, date.
  • Awards (since April 1, 2020)
    (Sortable) list of won awards with title, description, institution that granted it, link to a webpage and date.