Manage a news channel

A news channel is the page where all articles from the same source can be found. It is usually linked to a laboratory, faculty or department.

  • The service has more than 400 independent channels
  • View all articles from all channels
  • The service is trilingual, but optionally (see language management)
  • The channel with no news or that hasn’t be updated for one year are disabled.
  • Channel address (url) (page containing all its articles)
    In French:
    In English:

To manage your news channel, use the login at the bottom right of the page.

EPFL’s main channels

The ‘EPFL’ channel, managed by the Mediacom press team, contains all the articles displayed on the home page Journalists wishing to publish news there should contact Mediacom.

Each faculty has its own channel, also displayed on its homepage, and managed by the faculty’s communication manager.

Operations on news channel

Modify articles in news channel

Import or delete articles, change their date, their order …

Add topics

Sort items

Manage subscribers to your channel

These are the people who receive an email with each publication.

Obtain visit statistics

Add Google Analytics