Webmaster’s tools

Publish your memento on a webpage

The memento’s biggest advantage is that you only need to write your announcement once for it to be published in many places :

One source, one place to correct errors, many display spots.

Display a link to old announcements

To obtain the list of past announcements, the link syntax is https://memento.epfl.ch/mementoacronym/?period=365&date=year-01-01. This link shows you all announcements per year.

Example: the announcements of the ENAC in 2019: https://memento.epfl.ch/enac/?period=365&date=2019-01-01

Automatically add your memento on WordPress pages

Filter by category (thesis..), by language, by date (future or past events)


Suscribe to the group ‘memento-api-rest-consumers’ (https://groups.epfl.ch/viewgroup?groupid=S23510) in order to be notified of changes in the API.