Display options

WordPress allows you to display the contents of the media library as a grid or by list .

These views differ not only visually, but also in the options they offer

In list mode it is possible to sort the files simply by clicking on a column header.
Note: when a sort is performed on a column, a small black triangle indicating an ascending or descending sort is displayed to the right of the column title.

Both modes offer the same sorting and filtering options using this button

After sorting or filtering files, the button will be displayed in yellow

To clear all sorting or filter, click on the yellow button and choose

If this doesn’t work, you may have to disable each filter manually by going back to its category and choosing the default option (the first one in the sub-menu).

File search

WordPress has a text search tool allowing you to search for a string of characters in the names of media files (≠ in the content of a PDF or Word file for example)

  • Type the desired word(s) in the field. The search starts immediately.

Note: Click or clear the search field to cancel the filter.