Announce a grouped event

What is a grouped event?

If you organise a day of conferences, a symposium, a seminar that last a few days or any event made up of several interventions, you should use the “grouped event” function.

This function lets you indicate parenthood between the events and lets you give a general name to them.

How to create a grouped event?

  1. Create your principal event, the one that has the highest rank.
  2. Save it.
    Save in the memento
  3. Choose “My events” > “Modify my events”.
  4. Select the principal event that you have just created.
  5. Click on “Create sub-event”.
  6. Fill in this sub-event’s fields.
  7. Save it.
    Save in the memento
  8. In the principal event’s interface, tick the “published” box in order to see your under-event online.
    Save and broadcast an event announcement in the memento
  9. To create other sub-events, repeat the actions from point 3.