Managing pages

The Pages window provides information about the pages of the site. It is thus possible to know at a glance how many pages there are in the site and on this number, how many are online, in draft mode or have been created by yourself or others. WordPress also provides sorting, filtering and search tools.

Reminder : By default, published pages or posts are not automatically added to a menu in WordPress. It is therefore up to the webmaster to add them manually.

Sorting pages

By default, pages are displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Double-click the word Title in the column header to display the pages in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Click on the word Date in the column header to display the pages in reverse chronological order (the last published pages are displayed first). Click a second time to display the pages in chronological order
  • It is not possible to sort pages by author, only filter them.

Filtering pages

WordPress allows you to filter pages according to different criteria.

To display only

  • The pages you are the author of: Click on Mine
  • Pages currently online: Click on Published
  • Pages in draft mode: Click on Drafts
  • Private pages : Click on Private
  • Deleted pages : Click on Trash
  • Pages published on certain dates: Select a month from the drop-down menu and click Filter
  • Pages by author: Click on the author’s name in the Author column.

Deleting the filter

Click on All


WordPress provides a text search allowing you to search for a given string of characters in all pages.

  • Type the desired word (s) in the field
  • Click on Search Pages

Bulk actions

As the name insinuates, the Bulk actions are actions that you can apply to multiple pages at the same time.


  1. Check the boxes of the pages you want to edit (use the filters if necessary)
  2. In the Bulk actions drop-down menu, choose Edit
  3. Click apply
  4. Do the wanted modifications
  5. Click update

Move to trash

  1. Check the boxes of the pages you want to delete (use the filters if necessary)
  2. Click on Move to trash
  3. Click Apply