General settings and access of people pages

Operation and concepts of the application

We have made it as easy as possible to access each profile by entering the url as follows: , based on the EPFL email of the person.

The SCIPER number is used when the person has no EPFL email address (ex: ).

The information in a profile is published under EPFL aegis, but the author is responsible for its content. We did not wish to set up control and validation systems. Before creating a profile, it may be useful to consult the Usage Guidelines and comply with them.

When you leave EPFL, your people page is no longer online (the information is archived on our servers but is no longer available on the web).

Your page disappears the day after the end of your accreditation.

People who change their EPFL accreditation (honorary professors) keep a light version of their people page (contact information only). In order to keep a complete and editable version, a ‘gestprofile’ property must be requested from your accreditation holder.

Your page is online as long as you are an official staff or student at EPFL.

  • For students (without any employment contract at EPFL): it disappears the day your registration expires.
  • For staff or any person having a contract with EPFL: it disappears one day following the date of the end of your accreditation.

If you wish to shorten this period, you must go through the unit’s accreditor and ask them to remove the property “Publication in the web directory” (Parution dans l’annuaire Web) from the accreditation.

The delay is not extendable.

Anyone who does not wish to appear in the official directory must communicate this to their accreditor, who must then deactivate the “Publication in the Web directory” (Parution dans l’annuaire Web) property on all accreditations.
There is no ‘internal’ directory reserved for the EPFL community.

Due to the syntax of its url “”, your page will often appear at the top of Google’s search results. This allows you to control your personal data in a renowned professional context.
The number of links in the domain guarantees that these pages are correctly referenced.

By default, a page is displayed in English and French.
It is possible to keep only one language, via the configuration banner at the top of the page.

It is possible to delegate the update/modification of the pages of the staff of a unit to the person who has the role ‘resp comm’ in the unit concerned.
However, the ‘respcomm’ cannot decide whether or not to display the photo of the person whose profile they are modifying.
The role respcomm is obtained via the accreditation system and is given by the person who has the right to ‘adminroles’.