Profile settings

The Profile page is reached by going Users > My Profile or by clicking on your name in the top right corner. You can modify your name, how it will be displayed on the site, your email address, and other personal information.

Personal settings

  • Disable the visual editor when writing
    When checked, only the HTML editor will be available to edit pages / posts. This is not recommended as it is an inconvenience.
  • Admin Color Scheme
    You can modify the color of the WordPress interface, this does not affect other profiles, or the content your viewers see.

  • It’s possible to manage comments through keyboard shortcuts. They are designed to save time by making you be able to get from one comment to another in no time. If you happen to have a big blog, these are particularly useful.
  • Show Toolbar when viewing site
    The Toolbar contains links to information on WordPress, and links to quickly create a new post, page, etc. When deactivated, the toolbar will only appear if you are using the administration tools of the site.
  • Language
    Allows you to modify the WordPress interface language.


In this section, you can choose to modify the personal information displayed when you add a post or a comment. The username may not be changed.

Contact Info

Every user in WordPress needs to have an email address. This address is used for administrative purposes (Managing posts and notifications of new comments, etc). It is not shown or given to anyone else.

About Yourself

  • Biographical info
    This information is not used by EPFL

Account Management

  • New password
    The password is managed by GASPAR, it is thus not  modifiable.
  • Sessions
    To disconnect from all other WordPress sessions you may have forgotten to close on other machines, press this button.
    Note: To disconnect from your current session, click on your profile in the top right corner and simply click Log Out