Directories settings

File structure to export lists of people from the LDAP directory, in order to display them on your website.

Only the communication officers of the units can use the application to consult, deposit and manage these files.

Create a file to manage your own structure for a list of people?

It is possible to choose how to group the different people in your unit. You choose what the category is called, and then what position(s) are attached to it.
Within a category, people are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Login to upldtmpl
  2. Create a new file of type ‘structure’.
  3. Fill in the file name, the name of the categories and the list of positions you want to display for each category.
    The position is in French and masculine and corresponds to an existing position at EPFL (see the list of all positions). The positions are separated by a comma WITHOUT space.
  4. Save by refreshing the content.

Managing a template?

The presentation (model or template) is to be put in a file with the extension .tmpl which will be transmitted to the script by the tmpl parameter.

The structured presentation is activated if the struct parameter passes the name of the file that contains the structure description to the getProfiles script. It is a text file that contains per line:

  • The name of the group, followed by a tab.
  • The list of functions that make up the group, according to the name of the phone book, separated by commas; special characters (wildcards) can be used, e.g. assistant* covers any function that begins with assistant, such as student assistant, assistant, assistant, etc. Please note: the names of the functions are in French!

The profiles of a unit will be classified in one of the groups, according to the first correspondence of the position; they will then be displayed according to the layout model of type .tmpl which must take into account the loop of the groups <TMPL_LOOP NAME=”sOutLoop”> and the profiles of each group <TMPL_LOOP NAME=”sInnerLoop”>.

You must provide a structure description file for each presentation language, e.g. my_labo_struct_en with group names in English and mon_labo_struct_fr with group names in French; the sorting functions will be in French.

It is desirable to make these files identifiable by unit name, e.g.:

  • my_lab_simple_list.tmpl
  • my_lab_list_struct.tmpl
  • my_lab_struct_en
  • my_labo_struct_fr

Examples of calls