Update my information

  • Each collaborator or student can update his people page via the ‘edit my page’ button in the top right corner.
  • The layout of a people page is the same for everyone, in order to keep consistency between profiles.
  • The ‘contact’ paragraph is displayed by default, without the possibility of making it invisible: these data have been set by your accreditor in the official EPFL directory.
  • An ‘on/off’ icon is displayed next to each element. It allows you to display or hide the content according to your preference.
    Visibilité d'une information sur people
  • Don’t forget to save a page after modifying it.

People page operations

And displaying your many names!

Changer ses contacts tels que saisis par votre accréditeur·rice.

Such as website, nationality, availability …

Extraction from Infoscience…