Manage the sections (projects)

What is the purpose of the sections (projects)?

In a newspaper or a magazine, you can find several sections (“politics”, “economy”, “culture”…). These sections allows to classify the articles of  the same news release under different categories. The reader does not need to buy different newspapers, he has access to diverse topics in one single review.

In the same way, it is helpful, if you write numerous articles, to keep them all in the same channel but organized in separate sections, rather than multiplying channels containing only one or two news. This way, your reader will need only one entry point to access a wide range of information.

Your sections can be a list of your project names.


Obtain your own sections

Each news channel administrator can have sections he needs, added.

To obtain a new section, you need to make a request to the Service Desk ([email protected]) specifying which channel it is.

How to classify an article in a section (or in several sections)

The choice of section is made during the composition of the article.

Filter articles by section on a web page

If your website is managed by EPFL WordPress, it is possible to use the sections as filters in the ”EPFL News block” parameters (see help).