Language management

Language selection when consulting the announcements

To avoid information loss, an announcement that has only been written in one language will appear without change in the other language.
When an internet user visits the memento, it will automatically switch to the user’s language (the one configured on his web browser). If an event description is not available in the user’s default language, it will appear in another language.

Thus, a bilingual announcement will appear in French for a French user, in English for an English user; a French announcement will appear in French for both a French or an English user; an English announcement will appear in English for both a French and English user.
Internet users with a web browser configured with any other language than French will get the English version of the announcement.

Language selection when announcing an event

  • The memento is bilingual (English and French).
  • An announcement can be made in both languages, but you must make sure that both contents are identical.
  • If the announcement is made in one language only, please choose the target group’s most prevailing language, or the conference’s language.


Some fields are identical in both languages (modified in one language = automatically modified in the other one)

  • date and time, recurrence
  • place and room
  • speaker
  • organizer
  • contact person
  • keyword
  • category
  • outreach, on invite, internal
  • attached file
  • image