Send a reminder

This feature requires a connection to be used. It is available to anyone accredited at EPFL (no need to have rights on the memento or to be the author of the announcement).

It is possible to send a reminder to EPFL and non-EPFL email addresses, as well as EPFL distribution lists and groups.
Some of these lists are moderated, thus the reminder will be subject to moderation.

The email sender is the email address of the person sending the reminder. It is not possible to change this sender.

Send a reminder from an announcement

  • Click on ‘Send a reminder’ at the bottom right of an announcement page.
  • Fill in the addressees emails.

Send a reminder from the administration interface of a memento

For memento managers:

  • Click on ‘Login’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose ‘My mementos’ > ‘Modify event announcement of memento’
  • Make sure to be on the desired work channel (if you manage several) via the button on the right ‘Select a memento.
  • Click on ‘Send a reminder’.
  • Fill in the addressees emails.