List of blocks

WordPress provides a number of blocks, e.g. for editing titles, texts, lists, and so on.

For its part, EPFL has developed blocks to allow the display of its own content (news, memento, etc.) but also to allow page layouts in accordance with the current graphic charter.

Blocks info

Available blocks

Here is a list of the blocks available at EPFL with the exception of text blocks such as Classic, Heading, List, File which are covered in the Text section.

Note: Some blocks are not available for posts. The Availability (below) column shows the availability for each block. This column can be filtered.

Block namePreviewUseAvailability
ButtonMiscellaneousPage and post
Caption CardTeaserPage
Card DeckTeaserPage
Custom highlightTeaserPage
Custom teaserTeaserPage
Definition listTextPage
Enlighter SourcecodeMiscellaneousPage
GalleryImagePage and post
Google formEPFL InfoPage
ImageImagePage and post
InfoscienceEPFL InfoPage
Links groupTextPage and post
MapEPFL InfoPage and post
MementoEPFL InfoPage
NewsEPFL InfoPage
Page highlightTeaserPage
Page teaserTeaserPage
PDF FlipbookNo previewMiscellaneousPage
PeopleEPFL InfoPage
Post highlightTeaserPage
Post teaserTeaserPage
QuoteTextPage and post
Social FeedEPFL InfoPage
Social ShareNo previewEPFL InfoPage
Social Share FollowNo previewEPFL InfoPage
Student projectsEPFL InfoPage
Table filterNo previewMiscellaneousPage
ToggleTextPage and post
VideoEPFL InfoPage and post