Manage subscribers to your channel

Subscribers to a news channel are those who receive an email for each new article published.

View the list of subscribers

To browse the list of people who subscribed to your news channel (they receive notifications for each new publication), click on the “Manage the news subscribers” in the “Subscriptions” menu.

The subscription to the channel is possible in French, in English or in both languages (“All”). The language configured for the subscriber is mentioned in the table.

Add subscribers

To add people to your list of followers, click on at the bottom of the list displayed on your screen and enter the e-mail address of one or several people.

You then need to choose the language of the subscription: “French”, “English” or “All”. Beware, if someone is subscribed to 2 languages, he will one e-mail per language (if the news article is translated in both languages).

Delete subscribers

To delete a specific subscriber, you need to go to the list of subscribers and click on the button corresponding to the person to be removed from the list.

To delete the full list of subscribers, click on the option above the list.