Publish and broadcast an announcement

Check your announcement

Once you have written and saved a new announcement, check its contents and layout.
  1. Choose “My announcements” > “Edit my events”.
  2. On the right of the announcement that you want to check, click on “Preview”.
  3. You will see the announcement exactly as it will be published, which enables you to check that everything is fine.

Broadcast the announcement in a memento

You must choose in which mementos you wish your announcement to be published. Make an intelligent selection for it to have the highest visibility.

The primary mementos are the EPFL memento, the faculty mementos and the association mementos (all linked on the horizontal banner at the top of each page). Many laboratories and institutes have local mementos in which you can also publish your announcements.
  1. Click on “Save & broadcast”. If you have already closed your announcement’s text, you can find the “Save & broadcast” button by going back to the text using “Modify” (In “My event announcements” > “Modify my announcements”).
  2. Select the mementos that you have chosen for publication.
  3. Click on “Broadcast” to send a submission request to the memento’s moderators.
  4. Your announcement will be published as soon as your request is accepted. REMARK: The requests are independent for each memento, even if it is the same announcement.