Manage articles

List of the functionalities available through the “News” menu > “Edit my news”:

  • see all the articles of your channel
  • check their status (published (online): Icône: publiée (en ligne) | not published: Icône: non publiée)
  • Bouton prévisualiser et éditer see preview and publish an article
  • Bouton modifier edit an article (access to the article edition interface)
  • Bouton supprimer delete an article
  • Bouton changer la date change the publication date of  an imported article (functionality on demand)

It is also possible to…

  • recover a deleted article (through the “News” menu > Display the bin)
  • make an article available online, but not displayed on your web page, nor in the full list displayed , nor on your channel.
    This functionality has been added to allow you to create newsletters without having secondary articles “pollute” your website.

Importing an article: an asset of the tool

The first window displayed after you login show the latest published articles through the tool, in the different existing channels (from the page to the faculty homepages and the lab channels).

Through the   Import and share    button, you can copy any article you wish into your own news channel.

To access this functionality, you can also go through the “News” menu > “Import news”.

Import an article

Procedure to copy an article into your news channel:

  1. Import the article you want and it will be automatically published in your news channel.
  2. All of your followers will be notified of the article that has been published in your news channel.
  3. If needed, edit it and then save it.

If both versions (French and English) are published, both will be imported in the same article. Or else, only the published version will be imported. If the other version was to be imported later on, you will have two articles with the same version, of which one will have both French and English versions.

Originals and copies

  • You can edit an imported article in your channel.
  • Copy = photocopy”: if you edit a copied article, the original will not be altered.
  • The copy of an article will not be displayed in the general EPFL news channel, even if it has been edited.
  • The modifications made to an original article will not be applied to your copy.
  • If you delete an article that you have imported, the original will remain.
  • If the original version of an article you have copied is deleted, your copy will remain online.
  • An imported article bears the signature of its original author. If you modify it substantially, it would be better to add your name to the “authors” field.
  • A published imported article will keep its publication date.

Date: the publication date of an article corresponds to the moment at which the article is published online.
Order of appearance of the articles: by default, your articles are displayed in the ante-chronological order on your website and on the dedicated channel; the most recently published article will appear first.
The order is identical in French and in English.
If you wish to modify this order, there are two possibilities:

Modify the publication date of an article

Upon demand (but it is not recommended) you can cheat and change the publication date of an article.
Use the Bouton changer la date button of the “News” menu > “Edit my news”.
To be able to change the publication date, the article has to have been published.
It is a special edition right that you need to request from [email protected].

Modify the appearance order of the articles

The publication date of articles does not change, but their order can be modified.
Go to the “News” menu > “Change the appearance order of my news” and then you can drag and drop.
The order is updated in your news channels webpage and in the webservice which displays it on your website.