Copy another memento’s contents

Automatically copy an entire memento

  • You know of a memento from which all announcements interest you.
  • You do not have the time to moderate each of these announcements one by one in your memento.
  • You trust the other memento’s moderator.

You can automatically incorporate all these announcements into you own memento.

  • If an announcement from the other memento has also been directly submitted to you and you have accepted it, it will appear twice in your memento.
  • At the time of configuration, no announcement of the reference memento is copied (even if the date of an event is in the future). Only future announcements who will be created in the reference memento will be copied. If necessary, existing announcements must be imported manually using the import tool.

How to do so?

  • Login to your memento.
  • Go to “My mementos” > “Import events from another memento in my memento”.
  • Check that you are in the right memento (if you manage several)
  • Look for the memento from which you want to collect events.
  • Select it.
  • Click on “Save”. You should see the other memento’s name in bold.

Delete an automatically copied memento

  • You just need to click on the “Trash” icon .
  • A confirmation message ‘The memento X was deleted successfully’ will appear at the top of the page.