1. Add an EPFL Introduction block.
  2. Title (mandatory) field: Specify the title of the block.
  3. Link field: Specify the address of the page to which the card points.
  4. [Optional] Click on Open link in a new tab to activate this option
  5. Click on the Upload button to choose the image to display.
    Recommended size : 1920×1080 px or 16:9 ratio
  6. [Optional] Legend field: Insert a description of the page to which the card points.
  7. In the right column, make sure that the Block tab is active, if not, click on it.
  8. [Optional] Click on Wrap with a gray border if you want to display the text on a gray background

Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the cards you want to add. You can display up to 6 minicards per block.