Add a video

There are 3 ways to embed a video inside a news article. 

If you video is not yet available on a streaming server, you can address a request for that to the dedicated service

It is possible to add a short 10-seconds video which replaces the visual. In the Mediacom channel case, this video is used on the EPFL homepage .

To insert it in the article

  • go to “Short Vimeo video (animated visual)”
  • click on “Select -only- a Vimeo video”
  • enter the url of the Vimeo video
  • (optional) add the video credits in the field that appears below the video (200 characters max.)

To charge it in Vimeo

  • log into Vimeo, in Mediacom premium account
  • download the video: beware, you must load it in sufficiant quality (example
  • edit the video: search in the menu ‘Integration’ > Controls then deactivate ‘Play bar’

It is possible to add a video in between the byline and the text body of the article. To insert it, go to “Video” and click on “Select a video”. 

A dialog box opens allowing you to add the URL of the video from:

  • Mediaspace;
  • Vimeo;
  • Youtube.

Then click “OK” and the video is integrated. 

It is also possible to add a video in the text body of an article, thanks to the Youtube button available in the text editor menu bar:

This will display the window below:

You can directly copy-paste the embedded code (right click on the video => copy the integration code) or copy-paste the URL in the field underneath. You can then set the following parameters: 

  • The width and height of the video 
  • The responsive design (the video adapts to the screen size)
  • The suggestions at the end of the video 
  • The protection of private data 
  • The former embedded code
  • The autoplay (the video starts automatically)
  • The start sequence 
  • The display of player controls