Manage a newsletter’s subscribers

Subscribers list

  • The list of addressees is built automatically through the spontaneous subscription (or unsubscription) of users.
  • When you are connected to the tool, this list of subscribers is accessible in ‘Subscriptions’ > ‘Manage subscribers of newsletters’.
  • To add a subscriber, click on and fill in the email address of one or more person.
  • To delete a subscriber in particular, click onnext to a specific subscriber in the list of subscribers.
  • To delete all subscribers, click on
  • It is possible to add the address of a distribution list to the subscribers. However, this bypasses personal subscriptions (or unsubscriptions).
    Ex: Mrs B. studies at EPFL. She receives a newsletter sent to the list [email protected]. She unsubscribes but at each mailing to this list, she still receives an email, to her great displeasure.
  • To export the subscribers list to a csv file, click on ‘Export my subscribers to a csv file’. The .csv files are readable by the Excel program.

Sending the newsletter

  • When you click on ‘Send’, the newsletter is automatically sent to all email addresses on the list. This list is automatically updated when someone subscribes (or unsubscribes).
  • To reach additional people without subscribing them, you just need to add their email address, separated by a comma, in the sending interface.