Migration from Switchtube & SwitchCAST to mediaspace

The objectives are:

  • Automatically migrate all course channels and correct links on Moodle. Course channels are those whose title starts with the course code (e.g. MATH-101).
  • Migrate all Moocs.
  • Migrate CAST series and other channels after validation by their owner.
  • Automatically correct links on WordPress EPFL and actu.epfl.ch.
  • If possible, do not keep obsolete or unread content.

Migration steps

April 12, 2023

  • Migration of video order (from switchtube to mediaspace) as a playlist on the mediaspace channels page.
  • Adding the episode in the title of mediaspace videos (if some)

On Switchtube, it was possible to use the ‘episode’ function to get a display order. The name of the episode was added to the title of the video.
From April 12th, the title of the videos is modified on mediaspace.

February 14, 2023

  • Production start (go live) of the Kaltura platform on mediaspace.epfl.ch .
  • It is no longer possible to add a new video to a Switchtube channel or via SwitchCAST.
  • Videos and channels on Switchtube are kept until the end of 2023.
  • No channels are deleted from Switchtube without the explicit consent of their owners.
  • Will be available on the new platform at that time:
    • Course channels, whose title begins with the course code.
    • Moocs
    • Channels whose migration has been requested before February 10th.
  • Links to Switchtube from Moodle are automatically corrected.

From February 15, 2023

  • New channels are created directly on mediaspace.epfl.ch.
  • The migration of channels and videos continues, according to their owners requests.

From March

The owners of each Switchtube channel, who have not given any sign of life, will be contacted personally to decide what to do with their channels.

Questions & answers

Please read the help page for using mediaspace.

Please complete this form.
Migration will go on on a case-by-case basis until the end of 2023 (3-4 business days for processing your request).

We can send you a zip containing all the videos of a channel before its deletion.
Please complete this form.

The formal process is to complete this form.
But you can also press the emergency button:Emergency

Moodle links are automatically corrected.
If you are using links elsewhere, please send an email to [email protected] with the page or location of the link and the channel involved so that we can ensure the transition.

Write (add or remove videos)

  • Existing permissions are retained when a channel is migrated.
  • Please let us know if anyone needs to be added or removed.

Play (view videos)
The access types are retained when migrating a channel:

  • public channel, visible www
  •  reserved for logged in people (with a SwitchAAI login)
  • reserved for the EPFL community
  • private channel (access restricted to authorized users)

You do not have the rights to upload a video.
If you want to add videos to an existing channel, please ask [email protected] (mentionning the name of the channel where you need to upload content).
If you want to create a new channel, use this form.

Switch is our partner and operator for the videostreaming service. Instead of maintaining in-house tools (Switchtube and SwitchCAST), they decided to use a standard product with a much wider range of features.
EPFL was part of the selection committee for this new platform.
Switch remains the operator for Kaltura, whose mediaspace version for EPFL is deployed on their servers in Switzerland.