Create a newsletter


  • A newsletter belongs to a news channel (no channel, no newsletter).
  • A newsletter is composed of several articles belonging to the same news channel.
  • If you wish to add an article to your newsletter, it must first be imported and published in the channel.
  • If you do not want an article to appear in your channel (and on your web page), but remain available in the newsletter, click the ‘visibility’ checkbox when editing the article.
  • You can make a newsletter in French with the news published in French, and a newsletter in English (or in German) with the news published in English (or in German). No mix of languages possible.
  • Only one list of subscribers per channel (it is not possible to have subscribers in French and others in English or German).
  • You can compose as many editions (or issues if we use a press analogy) of your newsletter. However, the list of subscribers remains unique (it is not possible to send one edition to a group of people, another edition to a different group).