Inserting an image

  1. In the editing area, click where you want to insert an image.
  2. Click the Add Media button
  3. If the image is already in the media library, skip to step 5. otherwise …
    • Click the Upload Files tab
    • Drag the file to the main area or click the Select Files button and locate the desired file.
  4. Select the image to insert and set the attachment details. Note that this information is about the file (≠ not its insertion in the page):
    • Title : File name
    • Caption: (optional) Text that will be displayed under the image
    • Alt text: Description used for the accessibility of visually impaired people and by search engines
    • Description: (optional) to put an explanatory text to the image
  5. Set the display details. Here the information you enter relates to the display of the file in the page. Thus an image can be inserted several times with different settings.
    • Alignment: to align the image to the left, right or center of the paragraph. Other options are available…
    • Link to: allows you to create a link to…
    • Size: Choose from the available sizes.
  6. Click the Insert into page button on the page to finish

Changing the image display

If the display options selected are not suitable you can edit them them but please note that all image alignment options (left, center, right) are disabled and therefore do not work. An image must stand alone on its line.

  1. Click on the image
  2. A small toolbar appears
  3. Click on the edit button   to switch back to the image settings

Replacing an image

Replacing an image means replacing one image with another. WordPress displays the new image at the size chosen at the time of replacement and not at the size of the original image

  1. Click on the image to replace
  2. Then click on the  button
  3. Click the Replace button
  4. Choose an image from the media library or upload a new file
  5. Click the Replace button

Removing an image from a page

In WordPress terminology, removing an image consists of removing the view. The image is still available in the media library and might visible be on other pages of the site.

  1. Click on the image to remove.
  2. Then click on the button 

Deleting an image permanently

This operation will delete the image from the WordPress media library.

  1. In the WordPress Main Navigation Menu, click Media
  2. Choose list view
  3. Make sure that in the Set to Online column, the file status is (Not attached). In practice, this status indicates that the file is no longer used and can therefore be deleted without the risk of inconsistent display on pages or articles of the site.
  4. Drag the cursor over the file and in the list of options that appears, choose Delete permanently