Create and manage your memento

For confidential event announcements

Each of the school’s laboratories or units can ask to manage a local memento.
However, the published announcements are visible only to people who know the memento’s address. For an announcement to be visible by everyone, you must…

A local memento remains confidential.
Local mementos are not listed in the memento’s main interface.
Anyone can subscribe to a local memento and receive summaries of announced events by email.
Channels that have not been updated for two years or are empty are disabled.

Tasks of a memento manager

The moderator’s roleCreating a memento for one’s unit implies the management of the submitted announcements by the person in charge. Indeed, each person at EPFL can suggest an announcement, but it is the moderator who ensures the memento’s quality.The moderator’s tasks are: To validate the relevant announcements. To remove the announcements that do not belong (…)

Automatically copy an entire memento You know of a memento from which all announcements interest you. You do not have the time to moderate each of these announcements one by one in your memento. You trust the other memento’s moderator.You can automatically incorporate all these announcements into you own memento.Beware: If an announcement from the (…)

In case of vacations and absences, it is better to rely on another person to manage a memento.Each moderator receives validation requests for the event announcements proposed in his or her memento channel.Delegate the memento’s management to a co-workerLogin to your memento.Go to ‘My mementos’ > ‘Manage moderators (administrators) of my memento’.Check that you are (…)

Management of your memento’s announcementsA memento’s moderator can make changes on the memento’s announcements at any time.Login to the memento (at the bottom of the page).Go to ‘My mementos’ > ‘Modify event announcements of memento’.Make sure you are on the desired work channel (if you handle several).It is possible to manipulate future events or past (…)

GA use at EPFLData traffic analysis at EPFL can be done for free thanks to the Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics Anonymized is currently the only tracking tool authorized at EPFL.GA is not installed by default, the local webmaster has to proceed to its installation.But first, you need to create a Google Analytics account.To the (…)

The announcement is a memento’s base: anyone at EPFL can submit an announcement. Correct approach: I have an announcement to make (conference, seminar, special event…): I will post it in the EPFL memento or in my faculty’s memento to ensure maximum visibility.Less optimal approach : I want a local memento, I’ll see later if I (…)