Create and manage your memento

For confidential event announcements

Each of the school’s laboratories or units can ask to manage a local memento.

However, the published announcements are visible only to people who know the memento’s address. For an announcement to be visible by everyone, it must be published in a faculty memento or in the EPFL memento.

A local memento allows us to:

  • Show your own memento on your webpage
  • Collect announcements that interest you, either systematically (a whole other memento) or announcement by announcement
  • Lets members of your memento subscribe to your announcements

Local mementos are not listed in the memento’s principal interface.

Events that are only announced in a local memento will not be found using the search engines, the principal interface or the mobile application.

Your job if you need to manage a memento

  • Moderate: People who publish an announcement might want to do so in your memento. In such a case, you would receive an email in order to decide if you want to publish it or not.
  • Recover: You might want to recover announcements that have not been submitted to you.
  • Delegate: You can name other moderators who can help you with these submissions.
  • Export your memento on a webpage, where it can be featured.