Student projects


Display a list of semester or master’s projects from IS Academia

Add a list of projects

  1. Add an EPFL Student projects block.
  2. Title field : Give a title to the block
  3. In the right column, make sure the Block tab is active, if not, click on it.
  4. Section : Choose a section from the drop-down menu.
  5. Filters :
    • Enable this filter if you want to display only current projects. 
    • Professor(s) sciper(s): you can also filter by teacher by entering their sciper number. 
      If you want to filter on several teachers, enter their sciper numbers separated by a comma. All of the teachers’ projects are displayed, not just the joint projects.



One professor

Veuillez consulter la page web du labo pour les sujets proposés cette année:

Philippe Thalmann (Laboratoire d’économie urbaine et de l’environnement)