Web rules: a few examples

The writing and editing rules for the web are now clear to you… but nothing beats a good example. Please find below an overview of best practices.

Des étudiants brandissant une bannière de l'EPFL (avec l'ancien logo)

Short articles are limited to 3 paragraphs (about 200 words) and carefully edited: use of different media (photo, gallery, video), subheadings every 2 paragraphs to make articles easier to read.

Medium length articles – about 500 words or 6-7 paragraphs – should be properly edited to facilitate readibility: teaser a the beginning, small “chunks” of text, subheadings every 2 paragraphs.

Full-length articles – about 700-800 words – should be carefully edited and present information with a variety of media of differents types and formats.

Face aux Alpes enneigées, le bâteau La Suisse sur le Léman

Each media should be properly referenced, i.e. optimized for search engines (SEO). When it comes to images, precise information should be added to the appropriate fields.

Photo galleries are an interesting solution as they provide an original, horizontal and easily readable layout for pictures.

A video document can enrich the written content of a topic or can also be presented on its own with the necessary eiting (title, teaser).