Personal and editable webpage for any EPFL member.
Foules abstraites de personnes

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Any person affiliated to EPFL (student, staff) automatically receives a ‘’ page and can update its information as they wish, except for official data.
To modify your page, log in with your GASPAR account (by clicking on ‘Edit profile’ on the top right corner).

Who has the right to a people page, what are the standards to follow, how not to display my page…

What is the people page layout and how to update all my info: photo, first and last names, addresses, publications….

The information posted on this page can be automatically retrieved in other applications, including the WordPress CMS, where it is possible to create units directories (laboratories…)

Information displayed by default

Even without the intervention of the person concerned, a series of information is displayed

  • surname, first name, e-mail address
  • lists of functions and addresses in the units to which the person is attached (according to their accreditations)
  • for teachers, their course list, automatically taken from is-academia
  • for thesis supervisors, their doctoral students

People newsfeed

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