Scheduled recordings and live streaming in classrooms

Some auditoriums are equipped to film a lecture or conference from the control room. This stream can be broadcast live.

Schedule recordings

Available auditoriums: BCH 2 201, CE1, CE3, CE4, CE6, CM3, CM5, CO1, CO2, CO3, Rolex and SG 1.

Request the scheduling of a recording in advance using this form. When the request is validated, recording is automatically triggered at the requested times and dates. The videos are found in the ‘my media’ space of the persons who made the request. What is left is to manually broadcast (publish) them in the dedicated channels.

The recodring is valid for the whole year: if an unforeseen event happens, please notify [email protected] well in advance (minimum 24 working hours).


Live streaming of the lectures

It is possible to stream a course. Students can follow the course virtually, but with a one or two minute delay, and without the possibility of interaction (chat, questions, etc.).
The ‘live’ stream is an option to choose when scheduling  the recording. It is not possible to modify this parameter from one course to another, live streaming is valid for all sessions.

Room CM3

This room is equipped with a screen that allows you to act on a scheduled recording:

  • On the auditorium touch screen, choose the “recording” menu then “start kaltura recording”
  • Enter your Sciper number (ID B = your Sciper number)
  • Click on “start recording”
  • At the end of your lesson, press “Stop” and confirm that the recording has stopped.

Use the microphones in the room carefully. A screen displays the two video streams that are recorded. The recordings are then available on the platform (log in, go to ‘my media’, then publish the videos in the relevant channel).

If you have technical issues about the system, contact the audiovisual department SAVE.

What to do if you are not in one of these auditoriums ?

You can use the Kaltura Capture module from with your own computer. But the quality of the recording is not guaranteed, it depends on the local parameters of your machine (available bandwidth, RAM, etc.)

You can also use Zoom, then upload and publish your videos to later.