Who has the right to a people page?

A person’s status determines what items are displayed on their people page, and whether they can be changed.
When a person has several positions and statuses, the one that gives them the most rights determines the elements at their disposal.
There exist 4 positions at EPFL, which are assigned when a person is accredited.

Student (including auditors)

  • Can modify their page.
  • Do not have the entries ‘teaching’ and ‘research’.
  • A brand new student appears in the directory and in the distribution lists 10 days before the beginning of the semester, provided that the FRAC code = yes (confirmed student).
  • If the student has not paid his invoice by 1st September or has not validated this FRAC form, his people page will disappear until the payment is made. As soon as payment is confirmed, the property “appearance in the directory” is automatically reset to “Default” for the next day.


  • Can modify their page.
  • Professors (MTR, lecturers) have ‘research’ entry, as well as a ‘teaching’ entry which is automatically filled in with is-academia data.
  • Thesis directors, past or current, automatically have their PhD student(s), via is-academia, and their doctor(s) via Infoscience (link to the thesis).
  • Assistants or staff who wish to have a ‘research’ tab can request it at [email protected] .

Host (including Professor Emeritus)

  • Cannot modify their page but can obtain this right by asking their accreditor to be attributed the gestprofil property.
  • The ‘Edit Profile’ button only appears if the gestprofil property is activated.
  • The contact information, automatically issued from the accreditation, is displayed.
  • For persons with a teaching load or who have Ph.D. students or doctors, this information related to teaching is displayed.

Outside EPFL (Hors EPFL statut)

  • Can neither edit their page nor request an exception.
  • Only the contact information from the accreditation (postal address and function) is displayed.
  • No ‘Edit Profile’ button.
  • Visibility on people.epfl.ch for “outside EPFL” status is activated by default when an accreditation is created. It is up to the accreditors to decide whether or not to deactivate it, depending on each case.
  • Contact the accreditor for modification and possible addition of information.
  • Since December 2023, people belonging to EPFL Innovation Park companies are no longer entitled to a people page. The companies themselves are no longer visible in the EPFL unit directory.

Change of status

When a person changes their status (e.g. from ‘Staff’ to ‘Host’), the information previously on their page is no longer displayed.

To activate (or reactivate) the tabs, make a request to the secretary or the unit manager, who, after validation, will send a request to Mr. David Gozel to activate the “gesprofil” property in the accreditation.