Language management on actu

Since March 2021, the actu system is trilingual, in French, English and German.

  • German remains optional. You have the choice to remain bilingual (or even monolingual).
  • Regardless of the number of languages in your channel, it is not mandatory to translate every article.
  • If a news in a multilingual channel is not translated, the existing version is displayed by default when clicking on the buttons for the other languages.
  • On the main page of a channel, only articles published in the current language are displayed (language selected in the upper right corner).
    Bouton de sélection des langues sur
  • To add German to an existing news channel, please send a request to [email protected] with the URL of the channel and the German translation of its title.

Subscribers management

Anyone can subscribe to a news channel by clicking on the ‘Receive an email for each new article’ button.

  • Subscribers choose which language(s) they are interested in.
  • Only existing articles in the chosen language will be sent to them.
    For example, if a person has chosen only the French language, and you have published an article only in English, they will not be notified.
  • Each subscriber must modify their subscriptions in order to receive articles in a newly added language.
  • If you are adding German to an existing channel, we suggest that you inform your subscribers so that they can update their preferences.

Newsletters management

It is possible, but again not mandatory, to translate a newsletter into the three available languages.

  • To translate a newsletter into German, make sure that the channel concerned is trilingual. If not, send a request to [email protected] specifying the URL of the channel and its title in German.
  • You can add to a newsletter only the existing articles in the language of this one.
    Example: only articles in French are available for a newsletter in French.
  • There is only one list of subscribers to the newsletters of a channel. It is therefore not possible to send newsletters to different lists depending on the language.

Actu and WordPress

When embedding a news channel on a WordPress page, only the existing articles are displayed in the language you have chosen in the block settings.

Managing multiple channels

If you manage several bilingual and/or trilingual channels, please note the following points:

  • When importing or broadcasting an article from a bilingual channel to a trilingual channel, you will have to manage the missing translation.
  • Conversely, the German version will be lost when importing an article from a trilingual channel to a bilingual channel.