Visibility of a people page

It is possible to stop exposing your people page publicly on the web and in search engines.
This means that your contact information is no longer visible to external audiences, nor to EPFL members (there is no internal directory yet).

If you work at EPFL (‘personnel or staff’)
You must ask your accreditor, who must then deactivate the property “Publication in the web directory” on all your accreditations.

If you are a student at EPFL (student)
Please request this via a message to [email protected]
If you are also a committee member of a student association recognized by EPFL, please contact [email protected] if you prefer not to appear on the EPFL directory (committee members of an association are by default “visible” on the EPFL directory ).

Display on the web (and on EPFL pages)

People profiles that are not visible cannot be displayed on a laboratory (or other unit) web page.
When a profile is no longer visible, it is no longer available on the ‘People bloc’ of EPFL WordPress service.

Removal of a page (from search engines)

Please request the de-indexing of your page on Google at [email protected] . Only deactivated pages can be deindexed.