Import other announcements

Add announcements that have been published elsewhere in your memento

Sometimes, people who post an announcement think to submit it to your memento (you simply have to accept it via you moderation interface), but often, you would like to retrieve an announcement that interests you and add it to your list.

Make sure the announcement is not already in your memento, to avoid duplicates.

How to do so?

  • Login to at the bottom right of the page. The page that appears contains all the announcements of upcoming events. If you are already logged in, choose ‘My mementos’ > ‘Import existing events’.
  • Click on the ‘Import’ button on the desired announcement.

    If you do not find an announcement in the list, use the search engine or the calendar.
  • If you manage several mementos, choose the one in which you wish to import the announcement.
  • The announcement now appears in your memento.