Moderating received announcements

The moderator’s role

Creating a memento for your unit implies, for the person in charge, to manage the announcements that are submitted to him. Indeed, each person at the EPFL can suggest an announcement, but it is the moderator who ensures a high quality of his memento.

The moderator’s tasks are:

  • To remove the announcements that do not belong in his memento.
  • To read and correct any errors that might appear in the announcement.
  • To verify that the announcement is politically correct.

The moderating process

Each memento is managed by different moderators, publishing the announcement in several mementos implies that several moderations will occur, independently from each other!

The content of an announcement is strictly identical in all the mementos that publish it. BEWARE: any correction made in one memento is visible in all the other mementos!

How do you manage your memento’s announcements?

  1. When someone submits an announcement for your memento, you receive a notification by e-mail.
  2. Login on (link located on the bottom right of the page) or click on the link received in the e-mail.
  3. In the menu “My Mementos”, select “Moderate received event announcement”.
  4. Verify that you are in the correct memento (the one that contains the announcements that need to be moderated).
  5. Accept and refuse announcements
    • The approved announcements will appear in your memento.
    • The rejected announcements are archived in the menu “My Mementos”, “Deleted event announcements”, for a possible recovery.
  6. The person who submitted the announcement will be notified of your rejection or approval.

How to recover a deleted announcement?

  1. Login to
  2. In the “My mementos” menu, select “Deleted event announcements”
  3. Either you accept the announcement or you permanently delete it.