Referencing an image: an example

Each media should be properly referenced, i.e. optimized for search engines (SEO). When it comes to images, precise information should be added to the appropriate fields.

Face aux Alpes enneigées, le bâteau La Suisse sur le Léman

When you insert a photo, the following fields are available:

The Title field

this is the name of the image, it must be as explicit as possible. It will facilitate classification in the media library.

Here, for this photo: Flagship S/S “LA SUISSE”

The Caption field

This is the information aimed at the reader;

Here, for this photo: The La Suisse shuttle provides a daily connection between Lausanne and Evian.© Click Photographe / EPFL 2020

The Alternative Text field

This is information intended for search engines. This information can thus include the detailed content of the image. This field is also intended for recognition software that will read this text to the visually disabled. It must not be too long;

Here, for this photo: With the snow-covered Alps in the background, the La Suisse vessel crosses the blue waters of Lake Geneva. © Click Photographe / EPFL 2020

The Description field

unlike the 3 previous fields, it is not mandatory to fill this in. It enables you to provide additional information such as shooting conditions, the history of the photo, etc.

Here, for this photo: Photo taken for the anniversary of the CGN company. © Click Photographe / EPFL 2020