Request a website

Would you like to create a website as part of your professional activities at the EPFL?

Whether it is for your centre, your laboratory or a conference, EPFL offers you a address on the domain, as well as various free solutions to host your content.

Student associations recognized by EPFL can only benefit from an EPFL WordPress site. If they wish to use another type of CMS or manage their own template, they must contact a commercial hosting company.

The person responsible for a website must be part of EPFL staff (and not ‘host’ or ‘outside EPFL’).


Site addresses are subject to validation, usually by the head of the institute or department concerned. Please read the good practices on the determination of a url at EPFL.

WordPress hosting

Whether for a site intended for the general public (managed) or with restricted access to the EPFL community (inside), this solution will allow you to focus on content. The site is delivered to you turnkey with the WordPress content manager and the EPFL web graphic charter installed. You will also benefit from technical support.

LAMP hosting

If WordPress does not meet your needs and you have the technical knowledge, you can install your own hosting on a LAMP server. However, you will not benefit from the technical support of the EPFL.

Overview of hosting types

WordPress managedWordPress ‘inside’ LAMP hosting
Skills / responsible Everyone, beginner Everyone, beginner IT Developer
Technical support Yes ([email protected]) Yes ([email protected]) No, see conditions
Documentation yes yes outside EPFL
Courses given by EPFL yesyesno
EPFL graphic charter yesyesto implement by the user
Systems security yesyesto implement by the user
Secure access to content (intranet) noyesto implement by the user
Administrators management via the accreditation system via the accreditation system To implement (but the admin has to be accredited at EPFL)
Backup yesyes 1 time per day (files + DB)
Adding local database nono 1 per website
Search engine indexation (Google, EPFL..)yesnoyes