Establishing an association and requierements for becoming an Association recognized by EPFL

Whether your association is already existing or that you wish to start a new recognition by the EPFL is subject to conditions.

In order to foster association activities for students on campus and to optimize relations

between the EPFL and student associations, EPFL may deliver a label “recognized by the EPFL” to some associations.

Recognition of an association is intended to set the terms under which the latter may be

awarded certain benefits, such as financial or logistic support from EPFL.

Associations fulfilling the following cumulative criteria might be recognized by the EPFL :

  • Association established according to arts 60 and ff. of the Swiss Civil Code,
  • active on the EPFL campus and primarily aimed at EPFL students,
  • managed by an Executive Committee, at least half of whose members are EPFL or Unil students,
  • whose President of the Executive Committee is registered with EPFL or Unil,
  • which ensures wide representativeness and involvement of the students in General Assembly votes, in particular when electing Executive Committee members,
  • whose missions are to liven up the campus, facilitate student integration or provide them with cultural activities,
  • devoid of political or religious objectives and refraining from any proselytism in this respect, and independent from any political party or religious organisation,
  • observing the EPFL Ethics Charter,
  • observe the Directive concerning the recognition of student associations by EPFL
  • have headquarters on the EPFL campus or nearby.