We offer the possibility via the Finance Infocentre (statement of third party funds) of a follow-up:

  • Rent guarantees.
  • Deposits (keys, camipro cards, etc.).
  • Various guarantees.
Each unit may request the opening of a specific fund for the above-mentioned operations in order to facilitate their monitoring over time and to avoid omissions such as the return of a deposit. For more information on rent guarantees, please visit: Please note: only the Real Estate and Infrastructure Domain (DII) is authorised to conclude lease contracts.

See the following knowledge article for more information on:

  • The opening of funds.
  • Possible operations.
  • The procedure for sureties invoiced to third parties, deposits received from third parties and sureties and guarantees to third parties.
  • The restitution of third-party deposits.

Contact Information

To send us your questions or suggestions, please contact the finance support: [email protected]