Cash Management

Cash management is the management of cash made available to units for their current needs, either on an ad hoc basis (short-term advances) or on a permanent basis (unit funds).

Cash, CHF only, is supplied by means of a referenced payment slip (BPR) issued by the Accounting Department and cashed at post offices.

The collection offices available are Ecublens, Renens and Lausanne St-François. The BPRs are deposited at the Ecublens post office, Centre commercial d’Ecublens, Chemin du Croset 3, and must be withdrawn by the beneficiaries and then cashed either at the Ecublens post office or at one of the following posts:

  • 1000 Lausanne 2 St-François: Place St-François 15
  • 1020 Renens 1 VD: Avenue de la Poste 5
  • 1024 Ecublens VD: Chemin du Croset 3
  • 1950 Sion 1 (Place de la gare 11)
  • 1200 Geneva 1 Mont-Blanc (Rue du Mont-Blanc 18)
  • 1705 Fribourg 5 Pérolles (Rte des Arsenaux 41)
  • 2001 Neuchâtel 1 Depot (Place Numa-Droz 2)

These instructions also specify the procedures to be followed when cash payments are made available through BPR.

All operations related to a BPR must be supported by original supporting documents.

The theft of cash must be reported without delay to the Safety, Prevention and Health Department (DSPS), email: [email protected]

Provision of cash

In addition to replenishing a unit fund or granting an advance, cash may be made available through a BPR in the following cases:

  • Scholarships.
  • Refund of deposit.

Due to the requirement for traceability of our payment transactions and restrictions on cash withdrawal from the post office located on the EPFL website, please note that we limit the edition of BPR to the strict minimum.

We are counting on your collaboration and thank you for giving priority to bank transfers in all cases possible. In other words, the BPR is used when bank transfer is either not possible or not efficient. A bank transfer is required through a Payment Order A in particular for the following cases:

  • Services to companies.
  • Services (fees, refunds, etc.) to Swiss residents.

Any other need for cash must be duly justified. Requests for BPR sent to the Accounting Department by fax or e-mail are not accepted (the request has to be sent by internal mail only, with an original signature).

The minimum time required to prepare a BPR cheque is 48 hours.

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