Fixed assets

A fixed asset is a sustainable use asset for EPFL. Equipment exceeding CHF 10,000 (including VAT) is considered as such and is recorded as an asset on the balance sheet (capitalised), while equipment below CHF 10,000 is recorded as an expense (direct depreciation).

Fixed assets’ principles are based on the following three criteria:

  • The appliance/machine must have a total value of CHF 10,000 or more (if the object consists of several parts and/or accessories, the whole must be taken into account for the calculation).
  • The equipment must be intended to belong to EPFL for the duration of its existence.
  • The equipment must have an estimated lifetime of more than one year.

The order

  • The order of such a good is made on EBP (Sesame System, E-buying).
  • Scientific equipment worth CHF 50,000 or more must be submitted to the Research Office (REO) for approval.
  • Before any order of scientific equipment above CHF 50,000, it is necessary to contact the Research Office (REO) by submitting a request for grant. As soon as the REO notifies its consent, the order can be processed with the support of DABS.


  • All durable goods must be entered in the EPFL central inventory, via this application, by attaching the inventory sheets to the corresponding invoices so that they can be recorded and paid.
  • Feel free to consult this page if you need more information on the EPFL inventory process.
  • The equipment number(s) related to an object must be mentioned on the invoice. For acquisitions by EBP, the inventory card is created in the system and must be accessible through the purchase order.

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