Arrival & Leave

You’ll find here the information and possible form for the takeover of your phone number when you arrive or when you leave the EPFL.

Mobile Number

Mobile Phone



You have, at all times, the possibility to contract an EPFL mobile subscription. For this, you must make a request from our portal. If you desire to take over your personal mobile number, please follow the steps below based on your situation.
● You are at Swisscom:
If you already are at Swisscom, you simply need to make a request in our portal.
● You are at a different operator:
If you are at a different operator than Swisscom, you must first fill in this form. Subsequently, you must attach it to your request on our portal.
– A transfer to Swisscom takes at least 3 days.
– A number recovery from another operator without respecting the end of your contract takes at least 1 week.
– A number recovery from another operator respecting the end of your contract can take a minimum of 60 days.


In a first time
Whether or not you want to keep your mobile number, write an e-mail to [email protected] indicating your intention for your number and your leaving date.

– If you specify in your e-mail that you do not wish to keep your number, then it will be cancelled when you leave.

– If you wish to keep your number, please specify whether you intend to stay with Swisscom or change operator. Once you have sent us your e-mail, you will still have the steps described below to do depending on which operator you want to go.

First of all, we will make a transfer order with Swisscom for your number.
● You stay with Swisscom:
Once the e-mail or SMS from Swisscom has been received, you will only have to follow the steps indicated in it to make a private mobile subscription with them.
● You want to change operator:
You will first need to recover your number in your name by subscribing to a Prepaid with Swisscom. This type of subscription does not have a minimum contract duration. To do this, once the e-mail or SMS from Swisscom has been received, go to the following link: Prepaid offers to complete the steps for transferring your number to Prepaid.

Procedure: Choose a Prepaid subscription > Click on Next (at the bottom of the page) > Go to order > Keep your own phone number > Enter your mobile number

Once the recovery date has passed, the number can be taken over at any time by the operator of your choice.

Whatever your choice, you must have completed these recovery steps at least 5 days before the deadline which will be indicated in the e-mail received from Swisscom.



When you arrive at EPFL and want to contract a mobile subscription, you can either request a new mobile phone at the same time or keep your personal phone.

Even if you do not request a mobile phone when applying for the mobile subscription, you can still do so separately later.
● You do not yet have an EPFL mobile subscription:
Please refer to the procedure indicated in the section: Mobile Number – Arrival.
● You already have an EPFL mobile subscription:
You can fill out a request, only for a mobile phone, using this form.

NB: You cannot request a telephone without taking out an EPFL mobile subscription.
If you choose an EPFL internal subscription, you will not be authorized to take a smartphone-type mobile phone..


When you leave EPFL, you can keep your mobile phone under certain conditions or return it to us.
● Funding by the unit:
If your unit funded your mobile phone, you will need to look with it at the conditions to keep it.
● Personal funding with EPFL participation:
If you benefited from the EPFL participation when purchasing your mobile phone and it is less than 3 years old, you will be asked to refund a part determined on a prorata temporis basis in order to keep it.

If the purchase is more than 3 years old, you can keep your mobile phone without having to refund anything.