Research Integrity

This online course was created by the Research Office under the Direction of Caroline Vandevyver, PhD, Head of the Research Office, with the support of the Talent & Development team (EPFL Human Resources).

  • Barazzetti Gaia, Researcher at The ColLaboratory UNIL
  • Blumer Eliane Ninfa, Research Data Management Unit Library EPFL
  • Crottini Andrea, Head Technology Transfer Office EPFL
  • De Palma Michele, Associate Professor EPFL
  • Fasoli Ambrogio, Associate Vice President for Research EPFL
  • Hazanov Ofra, Head of Talent & Development, Human Resources EPFL
  • Hesthaven Jan S., Vice President for Academic Affairs Provost EPFL
  • Oates Andy, Dean of the Faculty Life Sciences EPFL
  • Panes Mathilde, Documentary Information Specialist, Library EPFL
  • Tanteri Chiara, Data Protection Officer EPFL
  • van der Goot Gisou, Vice President for Responsible Transformation EPFL
  • van der Velde Esther, Head of EPFL Ethics Affairs
  • Varrato Francesco, Research Data Management Unit Library EPFL
  • Vonèche Cardia Isabelle, Scientific Collaborator EPFL
  • Warot Xavier, Head Animal Facility EPFL