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Simone Zaremba


Francine Allaire

Executive secretary

Raquel Ibarra

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New technologies in language learning

Luis Gonzalez

Mr. Luis Gonzalez is a computer and pedagogical specialist and was awarded a diploma in Education and a Master in Science and Technology in Teaching and Learning from the University of Geneva. Combining technical and pedagogical know-how, he uses his expertise to focus on learning environments and the interaction between humans and machines. He is responsible for the teaching material and computers in the Multimedia Centre (EMA) and offers support to both teachers and students. He is particularly interested in the use of technology in language learning.


Jennifer Bartholdi

Mrs Bartholdi holds a Master of Arts in German, History and Political Science and has completed several courses on language teaching in both Switzerland and Germany. She is bilingual and has taught German and French at the universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart as well as in various foreign-language institutes. Adhering to the belief that the German language is not only a means of communication but also a rich culture, she favours intercultural, interactive and in-context learning, and emphasises the importance of pleasure in the achievement of one’s objective.

Bernarda Frank

Of Swiss-German origin, Mrs Bernarda Frank is the holder of a diploma in secondary education from the University of Fribourg and a Master in German Language and Literature from the University of Geneva. She has many years of experience in the teaching of German. She particularly enjoys the varied contacts that teaching brings, as well as the possibility to support students and help them acquire more ease and pleasure in communicating. She believes that speaking and knowing how to communicate in another language increases one’s independence and opens up new horizons, both personal and professional. She looks forward to accompanying you in your studies.

Eva Gunkel Cohen

Mrs Eva Gunkel Cohen, of German origin, has a university background, specializes in translation and interpretation, and has extensive experience in language teaching. She aims to provide the learner with ways of communicating and expressing themselves clearly and appropriately, in both professional and personal situations. In an atmosphere where the emphasis is on pleasure in learning, she is delighted to share with you her enthusiasm for her native language.


Barbara Althaus

Mrs Barbara Althaus is of British origin and holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Manchester. She has many years’ experience in the teaching of English to adults and in preparing candidates for Cambridge exams. She is involved in research in English for General Academic Purposes and is particularly interested in helping students acquire independent learning strategies and in making classes interactive.

Kristin Andrikopoulos

Born in Canada, Mrs Kristin Andrikopoulos studied history and political science at the University of Toronto before training to be an English language teacher – a career path that has allowed her to express her passion for language, society and inter-cultural exchange. She has taught in Canada, Thailand and Switzerland, which she now calls home. Her goal is to create a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to achieve excellence in a warm and cooperative atmosphere.

Jayshri Mizeret-Lad

Mrs Jayshri Mizeret-Lad is British of Indian origin. She has a university background as well as a diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. Creating an interactive teaching framework is important for her as this allows her to take individual needs into account and, at the same time, enables each student to progress in a way best suited to his/her needs. She looks forward to welcoming you into her group.

Caroline Nazroo

Mrs Caroline Nazroo is of British origin and studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Before coming to Switzerland in 1998 she taught English in England, France and Oman. Aware of the challenges that her mother tongue presents, she aims, through both the content and dynamism of her lessons, to awaken the curiosity and enthusiasm of the students for language and to develop autonomy that will motivate them throughout their learning.


Franck Bouquet

Mr. Franck Bouquet graduated in Modern Literature from the Sorbonne and has a university background in the Science of Language as well as a Master’s degree in French as a Foreign and Second Language. He is a researcher in language teaching and is especially involved in French for academic purposes and the use of new technologies in teaching and learning. In his teaching, he places importance on group dynamic, project-based approaches, pleasure in learning, curiosity and intercultural considerations. He looks forward to working with his students, both to foster their autonomy and help them achieve their objectives.

Ruben Gomez

A graduate of the University of Lausanne, Mr. Ruben Gomez has been teaching French as a Foreign language since 1999. After teaching for a number of years in a state school, he then went on to specialize in teaching adults within a University framework. He aspires to motivating students to progress and deepen their ‘savoir faire’ in French. He links work carried out in class to the personal and professional needs of the students and gives them different strategies so that they become masters of their own learning.

Corinne Lison

Mrs Corinne Lison, who has an MA from the Sorbonne as well as a Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language (FLE), has added to her love of French Literature that of teaching French to non-native speakers and has wholeheartedly embraced the communicative approach with its varied and creative activities. She is specially interested in intercultural exchanges and aims to develop language learning in a way that allows students to communicate confidently in different contexts.

Marido Marcant

Mrs Marido Marcant is of French origin and holds a PhD in Language Teaching and Foreign Cultures from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. She is constantly searching for new teaching techniques and ways in which to adapt them to the needs of her students. To encourage learning in her classes, she strives to create a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere and is especially interested in research into collaborative computer-assisted learning. She has taught in France, Chili and Palestine and is looking forward to taking up her new position in Switzerland.

Vincent Mermoud

Mr. Vincent Mermoud is Swiss and has a degree from the University of Lausanne as well as a diploma in the teaching of French as a foreign language. He is extremely interested in the teaching of French and favours a lively and interactive approach to teaching where the emphasis is on pleasure in learning. He aims to fulfil the expectations of everyone and to lead them to obtaining their objectives.

Raphaël Noir

Mr. Raphaël Noir is Swiss and has a degree from the University of Lausanne as well as a diploma in the teaching of French and Latin from the Teacher Training College of Lausanne. He has taught French for many years and favours an approach based on group work and communicative aspects, as well as the pleasure of language and cultural and intercultural exchanges.

Muriel Péclard

Mrs Muriel Péclard, who is Swiss, studied at the School for Translation and Interpretation at the University of Geneva. She has been teaching French to foreigners for several years and promotes an interactive style of teaching in a relaxed atmosphere. She looks forward to helping you discover her mother tongue, and through it, life in French- speaking Switzerland, as well as guiding you in your language learning.

Emmanuel Pralong

Mr. Emmanuel Pralong graduated with a MA in Philosophy and also holds a Masters’ degree in French as a Foreign Language. He has been a teacher since 2001 and began by giving private lessons to adults but gradually turned towards the public sector. After spending six months at the University of St. Petersburg, he is currently based between Lausanne and Geneva, where he teaches philosophy and French as a foreign language. He speaks several languages, including Spanish, Russian and Japanese, and is very aware of the issues surrounding plurilingualism and interculturality. His creative and dynamic approach encourages students to express themselves in a resolutely action-oriented environment.

Anna Renda

Mrs Anna Renda, Swiss of Italian origin, has a university degree in Political Science and Arts from Geneva University and specialized in the Science of Language and French as a foreign language at the Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand. Her aim is to accompany her students in their learning in a dynamic and enthusiastic way while at the same time making use of the various aptitudes of each and every one, promoting their autonomy in a pleasant atmosphere.


Francesco Screti

Mr. Francesco Screti, of Italian origin, has a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and a Doctorate in Language Sciences. He is a passionate teacher with a long teaching experience, notably at the Language Centre of the University of La Coruña (Spain). The learner, as an active and autonomous person, is at the centre of his approach. He proposes interactive and dynamic activities oriented towards the use of the Italian language in real contexts and in relation to the needs of the participants. Its aim is to support its students in the development of their intercultural and communication skills in an effective way and in a pleasant, collaborative and motivating atmosphere.