Multimedia Centre (EMA) and free access

To continue studying languages independently of a place in a group module, or in addition to your course, here are the schedules of the Multimedia Centre (EMA) in free access (room CE 2 347).

The Multimedia Centre is currently closed, reopening on 30 September 2019.

These periods allow you to learn independently (without registration), you can:

  • go freely (without an appointment), at the above times
  • benefit from the resources which have been specially devised for independent language learning
  • easily find learning activities which correspond to your level and needs
  • make use of information and tools in order to better manage your learning through free access

Someone is present to help you understand how the room works and how to find printed materials.

For more details, click in the middle of the diagram below.

The Tandem Program of the Arts Faculty/EFLE is a very effective complement to the free-access periods in the Multimedia Centre.